Frequently Asked Questions (Vendors)


Do I need to schedule an appointment to see the unit?

Please email your invoice (in PDF) to accounting@b2re.com, fax it to (213) 402-3632, or mail it to our office. If you email your invoice, you will receive an auto response immediately confirming our receipt of your email. If you do not receive an auto response, we did not get your invoice.   If you mail or fax it you will not receive a confirmation from our office. Please only send one invoice. If we receive more than one invoice, it will slow down the process. For faster service, please make sure your work order number is written on your invoice. Invoices that are received without a work order number for routine maintenance activities take twice as long to process. Please make sure we have your W9 on file which can be found under the useful information section on our website.



Can you hold the check for pickup?

We no longer offer a “hold for pickup” option and cannot do same day checks. All requests for either will be ignored. Our standard is 7-10 days from our receipt of your invoice to generate a check on all approved work when our work order number is included on your invoice (if you received a work order, our work order number must be on your invoice). Please allow an extra 3 business days for the check to arrive by mail. If your invoice does not contain our work order number (if applicable) please allow an additional 7-10 days to process the check.


How do I get set up on Direct Deposit?

Please fill out the Direct Deposit Authorization Form from our useful information section and we will deposit your payments directly into your account.



I haven’t received my payment, what do I do?

Most of the time when we get this inquiry, the vendor hasn’t submitted an invoice. If you are accustomed to working for an owner or another management company and haven’t worked with us yet, please be advised that we do not pay vendors on a verbal. If you haven’t submitted an invoice, please do so and refer to the above regarding payment timeframes. We do not make exceptions. If you did submit your invoice by email and did not receive an auto response, we did not receive your email so please resend it to accounting@b2re.com If you recently submitted your invoice, please allow 7-10 days for processing before inquiring about the status of your payment. After 7-10 days, please email accounting@b2re.com or call (310) 910-9377 for assistance.


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